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Building bridges

NMC sees itself not only in commercial competition, it also has a social responsibility.
We feel especially committed to young people and we would like them to be a part of our success.
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From theory into practice

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your theoretical knowledge through valuable experience. Take on independent project work and use your knowledge for functional day-to-day business.

Every year we offer several young people the possibility to complete an internship in their field for several months in a successful, forward-thinking high tech company. There are openings in the following fields:

  • After Sales
  • Controlling & Finance
  • IT/ Systems and Applications Programming
  • Personnel Management
  • Production & Logistics
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International projects

The internship offered within the framework of international academic exchange programs has a special appeal. These include projects such as the Leonardo da Vinci program, which foster cooperation with regional universities, and the students receive the opportunity to intern at foreign branches of the NMC group.

Since the internship positions are not advertised, it is worthwhile for those interested to take the initiative to apply to our personnel department.